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We believe in the art of the sale without the sell.

We are brand advocates committed to creating customer experiences
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We are experts with the skill and swagger needed to create relevant,
engaging content that creates maximum impact.

We are true collaborators.



  • Raybestos Rattlesnake - Corey Miller
  • NAPA - The Art of Braking


  • Raybestos Rattlesnake


  • NAPA - Art of Braking Website

    NAPA - The Art of Braking website

  • NAPA - The Art of Braking


  • Turtle Wax

    Turtle Wax

  • Wrigley's Racing

    Wrigley's Racing

  • Wrigley's Racing

    Wrigley's Racing

  • Raybestos Garage Microsite

    Raybestos Garage Microsite

  • Raybestos


  • Raybestos


  • Raybestos


  • Roush Configurator

    ROUSH Configurator


This is the place to keep up with all things new at 426 Inc.

> Holy Textbook Batman!

How do you take a low-interest category (buying and renting college text books) with an impossible target to reach (college kids) and beat your marketing goals?

You hire 426. And we hire Adam West.

The new campaign for our client Neebo features the pop icon in a multi-media campaign that includes digital, in-store, newspaper ads and event. The result? Neebo beat their marketing goals.

And those are just the measurable goals.

The consumer response and the amazing amount of free press that resulted from Adam West featured events created huge awareness spikes for Neebo. So not only marketing money well spent created impressed results, but money not spent at all created impressive results.

Check out the work for yourself. POW!

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